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Exclusive and Best-in-class Strategic Supply Chain Management Services

Evershine has helped scores of businesses save billions of dollars on bought items and services owing to its decades of experience developing strategic sourcing best practices and cutting-edge procurement processes. Evershine aided in the improvement of supply chain efficiency, responsiveness, and flexibility in the process. Category management, contingency-based cost reduction, contracting, negotiations, strategic sourcing services, and more are among the value-added services we provide.

We evaluate and categorise all of your expenditures to determine where you may save money. Cleansing, standardising, and upgrading heterogeneous, decentralised data allows us to get to the correct level of information within and across all applicable categories. We’ll organise everything so you have the best visibility and transparency for making all purchase-related decisions.


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We maximise long-term benefits and savings by employing supply sector best practices. We assist clients in meeting their present and future business needs using industry-leading sourcing practices.

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Procurement Support Services

Strategic Sourcing

Category Management

Supply Market Intelligence

Tail-Spend Management

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Global Platform to Connect with Prospective Employers

We work diligently with you to assess your talents and shortcomings. We have a dedicated team of experts from several disciplines working with our international clients on hiring. To match employment demands on projects internationally, we use a regulated, controlled recruitment approach.

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Delivering High-Quality Manpower Internationally

We review our in-house capabilities and the availability of necessary employees in our database while evaluating the job order in detail supplied by the clients. This enables us to develop a clear plan for filling desired positions promptly across all skill sets – both generic and specialised.

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