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At Evershine, our goal isn’t only to match the right people with the best companies—it’s also to add value and craft long-term careers.

We place numerous applicants each year as one of the fastest-growing consultant organisations in India. For a multitude of job verticals, our consultants have sourced both white and blue-collar professionals for leading enterprises across the Middle East, Canada, and Europe.

Evershine is an India-based Recruiting and Manpower Consultancy that has been in operation since 2004. We operate across all industries, not limited to but including travel and tourism, contracting, oil and gas, trading, and e-commerce.

Construction, Healthcare, Hotels and Hospitality, Oil & Gas, FMCG, Facilities, and others are among the industries in which we serve customers and recruit candidates. Our staff of expert on-board recruiters ensures that our clients and candidates have a smooth headhunting and placement process all over the world.

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Our Values

We’re focused enough to care, yet strong enough to make a difference. We are the leading one-stop recruitment arena in Middle East, Canada and Europe because of our genuine passion and enthusiasm for what we do and our ability to respond and adapt quickly to client needs. Our commitment to our most valuable assets – our clients, both employees and employers – is something we take pride in. Our people embody our core principles, which underpin everything we do. We believe in attracting and retaining customers, and our agility allows us to respond quickly to client needs, ensuring that our clients continue to choose us as their trusted recruitment partner, not only today but every day.


By sourcing talents or opportunities, we bridge the gap between the employer and the employee by making the most use of skilled and experts in the economic development of industries. We strive to primarily enforce our vision by assessing the long-term organisational effectiveness of heritage and business environments.


We adhere to our standard as an international enterprise with a global reach to drive growth via gradual diversification by imagining ourselves to a proven, well-organized Placement and Recruitment programme. We want to create a manpower excellence institution and see ourselves as the worldwide human resource arm for placements in the Middle East, Canada and Europe.


We adhere to a well-planned and intricate way of work developed over four decades to deliver the best.

1. Recall and Records

Our unique software system aids in the smooth running of our recruitment operations. We keep track and update our records regularly so that they can be retrieved for future openings.

2. Verification

Before considering a candidate for employment, we thoroughly vet their credentials on our database to ensure that all employee information will be entirely validated.

3. Selection

When handpicking candidates for a certain opportunity or placing with the right enterprise, we use a comprehensive, planned approach by adhering to all our recommended criteria.

4. Feedback

We have designed a robust reporting and customer feedback system that provides weekly updates since we are transparent in our ideas and methods.

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