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Great talents act as the lifeblood of your company.

Data with a lot of depth provides you with a leg up on the competition when it comes to contract hire. To help you locate and assess exceptional candidates at every level, we leverage market insights, substantial compensation data, AI-based technologies, and unique success profiles.

That’s why you need a talent acquisition approach for employees on a contract basis that can identify their potential before they ever start—one that avoids bias in order to create a diverse, inclusive staff composed of the greatest people.

Using the Evershine expert base, we keep you informed and supported throughout the recruiting process including contracting formalities and paperwork, right from job design through sourcing, recruiting, and onboarding, so you can hire with confidence. You’re ready to welcome folks who can master the work today and flex in the future with this all-encompassing view of skillset and mentality.


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Our global experts combine in-depth market and industry knowledge with our technologies and analytics to cover every stage of the talent management process.

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Global Platform to Connect with Prospective Employers

We work diligently with you to assess your talents and shortcomings. We have a dedicated team of experts from several disciplines working with our international clients on hiring. To match employment demands on projects internationally, we use a regulated, controlled recruitment approach.

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Delivering High-Quality Manpower Internationally

We review our in-house capabilities and the availability of necessary employees in our database while evaluating the job order in detail supplied by the clients. This enables us to develop a clear plan for filling desired positions promptly across all skill sets – both generic and specialised.

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