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Hospitality is one of the world’s fastest-growing industries, with one new job added every 2.5 seconds. The hotel business is expanding at a rate of 4.3 percent each year, compared to 3.0 percent for the world economy as a whole. The hospitality sector has contributed tremendously to the global domestic gross product each year. The industry employs roughly 266 million people globally, accounting for 9.1% of all occupations. According to Howard Roth, a worldwide real estate expert, the business is expected to add 75 million employment over the next ten years. 


Industry Details

Unbalanced expansion and a difficult economic environment remain the largest obstacles to our industry's recovery, and we're ready to assist our clients in making key personnel decisions so that we may generate and protect corporate value together. Here are some of the Hospitality and Tourism categories that Evershine Placement & Exports have deployed overseas:

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Ticketing Staff

Front Desk staff

Tour Guides

Room Service staff

Security personnel

Food Service Staff

Maintenance staff



Tour planners

Cruise ship staff


Management staff

Back office staff


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We work diligently with you to assess your talents and shortcomings. We have a dedicated team of experts from several disciplines working with our international clients on hiring. To match employment demands on projects internationally, we use a regulated, controlled recruitment approach.

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Delivering High-Quality Manpower Internationally

We review our in-house capabilities and the availability of necessary employees in our database while evaluating the job order in detail supplied by the clients. This enables us to develop a clear plan for filling desired positions promptly across all skill sets – both generic and specialised.

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